About Me 

To ''Draw with Light''...Isn't it the most beautiful expression EVER  to exist ?!?


I was 17 when I bought my first camera. One day I just woke up with the desire to take some pictures.

I bought an old analog Praktica Super TL2 for 250 lev ( 125 euro ).

...And I fell so deeply in love with it that, if the ''digital revolution'' didn't happened, I never, never would have changed it with another camera.


I didn't even realize how that passion of my youth has been silently transformed into something different.

A ''center'' or...an ''Ideal'' .

A small ideal that has spread another kind of light into my life.

And since when I was a child my family has taught me to believe in my ideals,

I believed in it completely, and I did everything I could to keep that light burning.


I have crossed many roads since that time - personally and professionally, but on each of them I have been searching for Humanity.


I would like to dedicate this small personal space to all the people that I have met during my journey.


Happy or not...Extremely strong or incredibly fragile... In love with life or tremendously tired of it...Sensitive and human, or on their way to becoming such people.


People who had the Honesty and the Courage to remain themselves in front of me and my camera.

I dedicate to them this space, to say to them, ''Thank you!''


And to say to them that their presence in my photographs was a precious gift!


A gift, first of all for my humanity, and only after that, for my photography.


It was one of the biggest gifts that I have ever received...


Thank you so much!!!

                                                                             SHORT BIOGRAPHY :



                                      2007- 2014 - University of Rome ''La Sapienza'' - Performing Arts.

                                                            Specialization in Cinematography.


                                     2004-2007 - Academy of Theatre and Cinema, Sofia - Film Directing


                                    2004-2007 - University of Sofia ''Kliment Ohridski'' - Italian Filology (distance learning)






                                                                   Milva Tsvetkova is member of :


                                      - the department of Photojournalism of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists;


                                      - the department of Photojournalism of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ);



                                                                   * INTERNATIONAL PRESS CARD № 1663

Photography - from Greek language φωτός ‎(phōtós, “(Light”), and γράφω ‎(gráphō, “I write”, ''I draw'' ).

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